Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Graphic Design Solutions, 6th edition

We are proud to announce that the new textbook Graphic Design Solutions, 6th edition
by Robin Landa features a few of our projects / logos.

"GRAPHIC DESIGN SOLUTIONS, 6th EDITION, is the most comprehensive reference on Graphic Design for print and screen media. Author Robin Landa introduces principles of design and how they apply to the various graphic design disciplines, and major applications are explained and illustrated with professional work and diagrams."

It's funny to think someone will be studying our work at school.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Nick Rhodes and I

Before I got the actual issue of IDEA Magazine I wrote in my blog post that "I was surprised and honored when Tadanori Yokoo recently asked me to write an essay about him for the new issue
of IDEA magazine."

Now when I have the issue in my hands I'm even more honored because, besides asking me
to write an essay, Tadanori also asked Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran.

It is quite a big honor.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Poster for A Month in the Country

Poster created for The Yugoslav Drama Theater in Belgrade, Serbia for the play A Month in the Country by Ivan Sergejevic Turgenev, directed by Iva Milosevic.

This masterpiece by Russian writer Ivan S. Turgenev chronicles the comic and erotic turmoil that befalls an otherwise quiet country estate when a handsome young tutor arrives to teach Natalya Petrovna’s young son. Soon Natalya is interested in a tutelage of another kind, much to the consternation of her husband and her long suffering friend, Rakitin, who is hopelessly and secretly smitten with her. A beautifully nuanced meditation on the nature of unrequited love.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

James McMullan

I don't know exactly why people like me, and especially why they like to give me presents. But I'm not complaining. Especially when I get such a precious present, as this one which I just got from James McMullan.

James is one of the most iconic illustrators, original member of Push Pin Studios, especially known for his theater posters for Broadway and Lincoln Center. This watercolor is one of his initial poster sketches for a new Lincoln Center play My Fair Lady.

I was always fascinated how small his originals are, due to his watercolor technique, in comparison to how big they'll be printed.

More of his work here: http://jamesmcmullan.com/

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Amazing Opportunity

Amazon Prime is selling The Design of Dissent, Expanded edition book for $6.06 (six dollars and six cents) and the shipping is free.

You can't get a better deal then this, except if you don't expect to get paid for getting the book.

You can buy the book here: https://goo.gl/eVrT3U

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Film Poster Collection Show

I just found out that my The 50th Annual Golden Globe Awards poster from 1993 is part of the show Selection of Film Posters from the Print Collection at the National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia.

Unfortunately, it seems that the National and University Library in Zagreb doesn't have two of my favorite designs for movie posters Who's singing over there and Red and Black.

Who's singing over there

Red and Black

Monday, December 18, 2017

Covered "Head to Toe"

Steve Heller's and my new book Head to Toe: The Nude in Graphic Design, published by Rizzoli,
is currently printing in Hong Kong and it’s gonna come out in April. The book is already announced by Amazon: https://goo.gl/DNTXYQ

"A first-of-its-kind celebration featuring more than 600 examples of the human body as represented in graphic design, this innovative book will appeal to art directors, graphic designers, and design fans. This groundbreaking volume investigates and illuminates a new generation of artists and the ways that they relate to one of art history’s most storied traditions: nude figure drawing and painting. This informative (and occasionally very cheeky) book demonstrates the ways in which new mediums and new technologies are pushing graphic designers to previously untold heights of artistic representation, thereby cementing the graphic designer’s place alongside more traditional mediums (drawing, painting) in art history and criticism."

Slipcase, cover, and the book were designed by my studio. Cover and slipcase photography by Zeljko Koprolcec. Typography used in the book is Fedra Sans by Nikola Djurek (Typonine).